Rules & Guidelines

Your registration is not complete until all rosters and ratings are received, and your spot is not reserved until payment is received. The entry fees are non-refundable unless a written cancellations is received before April 26, 2020

The USA Adult Slow Pitch Rules of Play are in effect, with the following exceptions 
noted below.

Team Ratings & Rosters
Ratings must be sent via email and rosters submitted online by May 1, 2020. Changes to ratings or roster after May 1, 2020 must be made IN PERSON at registration by the manager only. Download Ratings Form 

Player Registration
Players and managers are required to register with a photo I.D. before stepping on to the field. Registration is available Friday night at the Registration Event or Saturday morning at the fields. All Players must be registered to play and participate before their teams last pool play game. 

Number of Teams
Teams are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration is not complete until all rosters and ratings have been received and the entry fee has been paid in full.

Divisions Offered

Competition will be offered in Open C, D, E and Master's Divisions. (E and Master's TBD pending number of registered teams).

Based on current NAGAAA ratings, all players may be placed into the appropriate division at the discretion of the tournament director(s).


Team rosters include coach, manager and scorekeepers. May not exceed 20 players.


Using the current NAGAAA ratings system. Player ratings must be submitted for each player on the roster. You can only have TWO (2) Non-NAGAAA/ASANA registered players on your roster.


  • Game time is forfeit time:- No grace period. If your team is not ready to play when called, your team may be forced to forfeit that game.
  • Teams need to arrive at their field 30 minutes prior to game time. 
  • To start a game, a minimum of 9 players on a team is required.  If you have fewer than 9 players, you will be required to forfeit the game.  The vacant batter spot will be an out each time until a batter is added to that spot.
  •  If an eligible 10th player becomes available during the game, that player must immediately be inserted into the vacant batter spot in the lineup. 
  • All batters will start with a 1-1 count throughout the tournament, with NO courtesy foul
  • The home team for all games will be determined by a coin toss.  EXCEPTION: The home team in the Championship game(s) is the choice of undefeated team.
  • The home team must act as the official scorekeeper for the game.
  • Line-up cards for each game must be completed in triplicate and given to the home plate umpire prior to the start of the game.
  • Two (2) extra players (EP or EH) are allowed in the batting line-up.

Run Rule (runs ahead) in effect:

  • 20 runs after 3 innings
  • 15 runs after 4 innings
  • 10 runs after 5 innings

Courtesy Runners 

ANY eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a Courtesy Runner (CR). A CR may be used only once per inning. (Rule 8 sec.9-B2)

  • Use of the Courtesy Runner is not mandatory, but if requested, the CR must enter after the batter-runner reaches base (or bases) and prior to the next pitch.
  • If a Courtesy Runner is on base when due to bat:  An out shall be called. The Courtesy Runner is removed from base, then takes their turn at bat.  

Home run (over the fence) limits are as follows:

  • C Division: 1 home-run per team per game; every additional home runs will be considered inning ending outs.
  • D (and E) Divisions:  no home-runs are allowed; all will be considered inning ending outs.


Pitching height: 6' - 12' from ground, with a perceptible arc. 


All team players shall properly wear numbered uniforms. Cargo shorts are acceptable. Bandanas may be worn, but NOT around the neck.

The USA jewelry rule will be in effect.

Round Robin Play

  • All games are 55 minutes. No new inning can start at 50 minutes.
  • Each team will play two (2) games for seeding.  
  • Seeding will be by win-loss record, then by blind draw.
  • All RR games can end in a tie game. 

Double Elimination Play

  • Overall record, head-to-head record and run differentials will determine each team's seeding. 
  • The USA Tie Breaker Rule is in effect after 50 minutes or 7 innings of play.
  • All championship games will be 80 minutes or 7 innings. The Runs Ahead Rule will still be in effect.

Bats & Bases

  • Any bat used during the tournament must be ASA/USA approved.
  • All team bats will be checked prior to the game and must be made available to the umpire in front of the dugout. 
  • The ASA/USA NON-APPROVED BAT LIST rules will be in effect. If use of a NON-APPROVED (OR ALTERED) bat is discovered in play, the player will be EJECTED from the tournament and the team will FORFEIT that game. 
  • Use of an illegal bat (damaged, cracked, loose grip tape, etc.) will result in the player being called out. If a bat previously removed from play is discovered in the game, the player will be out and ejected.
  • If there are two bases at first base, the USA Double Base rule will be in effect.
  • No stealing is allowed.


Protests based solely on umpire judgement will NOT be allowed.  Player Ratings concerns may be addressed at the discretion of the Tournament Director and UIC - No protests will be allowed. 

Player Ejection 

If a player is ejected from a game, they are ineligible to participate in their team's next game.  If an ejected participant (player, coach, Mgr.) is discovered in the game, the game shall be forfeited. 


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